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Pet Stain & Odor Removal

pet stain and odor removal

People love their pets so much, they’re considered a part of the family. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a dog, a cat, or a couple of rabbits. Three out of five American households own some type of pet and love them to bits.

Unfortunately, accidents are unavoidable. As with kids, pets can often lose control of their bladder, spill their food, or run smack dab into the end table that’s holding mum’s prized vase. This doesn’t lessen your love for them at all, but it can be frustrating when there are skid marks or dog chow all over your nice beige carpet.

Carpet cleaners and pet stain removers can only do so much, and DIY-ing your carpet cleaning can cause several problems.

  1. You Could Worsen The Problem

First, there’s the question of technique. If you don’t know how to properly remove stains, you could make the damage worse.

Many commercially available carpet cleaners have specific chemicals and substances that don’t mix well with certain types of fabric, which is why there are different formulations. Not knowing which one to use for your carpet can end in disastrous results, such as making the stain lighter, but larger.

The chemicals could also damage or permanently stain the carpet fiber.

  1. You Could Worsen The Odor

Second, there’s the question of odor. You can’t remove pet odors by simply spritzing air freshener or Febreze on the area and hoping it masks the smell.

Scrubbing the stain away may not immediately get rid of the odor either. And, as mentioned earlier, certain substances in certain commercially available pet stain removers could react badly with the problem area. You could end up worsening the smell by compounding foul chemicals into the mix.

  1. You Might Not Be Able To Replicate Your Solution A Second Time

Maybe this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Maybe you’ve already had to clean up Fido’s mess several times. That takes a huge toll on the carpet, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Even if you use the same carpet cleaner or stain remover the second or third time around, technique still plays a huge factor. Unless you can replicate exactly what you did, you could still end up struggling to get the stain out and the odor gone.

Fortunately, Legacy’s certified carpet cleaning technicians know exactly what to do for cases like this. These are trained, certified experts who know which techniques to employ, which chemicals work best with which type of fabric, and which carpet cleaners or pet stain removers to use to:

  • Get rid of stains—permanently
  • Smoothly and organically remove pet odors
  • Restore carpet color and shade
  • Ensure the carpet fiber remains undamaged
  • Reduce the risk/possibility of replacing the entire carpet

We can guarantee that all Legacy carpet cleaning technicians have the expertise to eliminate all sorts of pet odor and stain issues, whether from tiny Chihuahuas or huge Labradors. Backed by years of experience and training, they have the perfect solution to fit your specific situation.

Once the Legacy Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning professionals are done, your carpet will smell—and stay!—fresh.


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