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Custom Maintenance Programs

Legacy does it your way! Perhaps you desire a carpet cleaning once a year for low traffic areas, or a more frequent cleaning in the high traffic lanes – Legacy has a specially-tailored program for your lifestyle.

Whether you desire a carpet cleaning yearly, every two to six months, or every two to six weeks, optional programs give you flexibility for your desires and scheduling. Discuss your needs with the professionals at Legacy Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

Emergency spotting

Legacy has the expertise to attack those spots when spills or other emergencies happen. Don’t be shy…call when it occurs for best results. You will be pleased with the quick response that you receive. Legacy understands when life happens and will be there to help you.

Multiple Methods

Legacy uses multiple methods of cleaning to get the job completed. Expertise and knowing what’s right for your carpet is what Legacy is all about. You can be assured that whatever the situation may be Legacy will have the correct cleaning method and procedure needed for the job.

Protective Coating

An application of protective coating will help to extend the life of the carpets, defending carpet fibers against soils, stains and traffic lanes. While this is optional, Legacy recommends reapplying your factory coating to keep your carpets looking beautiful for years to come.


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