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Area Rug Cleaning

area rug cleaning

Area rugs can bring rooms to life. They deserve appropriate cleaning to maintain their beauty, durability and long life.

Usually, to maintain the integrity of the area rug, it is recommended we take them to our “Rug Spa” where it goes through a thorough cleaning process:

Each rug is identified and cleaned according to the fabric and construction. If the fabric is unknown, it undergoes extensive testing to identify what the fiber is.

80% of the soils in rugs are dry particular soil, meaning if you get them wet first it turns into mud making it difficult to remove. Because of this the rugs go through an extensive dusting process. First the rug is dusted (front & back) then the rug is flipped over and vacuumed. Depending on the fiber and construction, it is then submerged, shampooed, rinsed and put in a centrifuge to dry rapidly.

The area rug is then laid out where the nap is reset and hung in a controlled climate to dry completely.

After the rug is dry the rug gets one more vacuuming and wrapped in plastic for easy transport back home.

*If the rug has pet stains an odor control enzyme bath is recommended for 24 hours (overnight) to rid the rug of odors.

Although the cleaning of an area rug is complex, it will prolong the life and exquisite look and feel that it brings to your home.


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